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(1) 1996-2000年,湖南大学化学专业本科毕业;

(2) 2000-2005年,湖南大学分析化学专业(化学/生物传感与化学计量学国家重点实验室)硕博连读,获理学博士学位。

(1) 2005.7至今,华南农业大学理学院和材料与能源学院工作;

(2) 2008.12,副教授;2009.12,应用化学硕士生导师;2013.1,青年教授;2013.12,食品科学博士生导师;2016.1,教授;

(3) 2011.3-2012.3,日本东北大学环境研究科和原子分子材料科学高等研究机构(WPI-AIMR)访问学者;

(4) 广东省化学会分析化学专业委员会副主任。

(1) 纳米材料合成及应用;

(2) 生物传感器在环境和食品分析中的应用;

(3) 新型能源催化剂的制备及应用;

(4) 仪器研制。
六、 科研论著
(1)    Jie Wei, Weidan Chang, AoriQileng, Weipeng Liu, Yue Zhang, ShiyaRong, Hongtao Lei,Yingju Liu*. Dual-modal split-type immunosensor for sensitive detection ofmicrocystin-LR: enzyme-induced photoelectrochemistry andcolorimetry. Analytical Chemistry, 2018,90: 9606-9613

(2)    AoriQileng, Jie Wei, Ning Lu, Weipeng Liu, YueCai, Minshi Chen, Hongtao Lei, Yingju Liu*.Broad-specificity photoelectrochemical immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of ochratoxin A, ochratoxin B and ochratoxin C. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2018, 106: 219-226.

(3)    Jie Wei, XuanXie,Weidan Chang, Zhuohong Yang, Yingju Liu*. Ultrasensitive photoelectrochemical detection of microcystin-LR based onhybridization chain reaction assisted exciton-plasmon interaction andenzymatic biocatalytic precipitation. Sensors and Actuators B, 2018, 276: 180-188.

(4)    AoriQileng, Siyuan Yang, Jie Wei, Ning Lu, Hongtao Lei, Yingju Liu*. Weipeng Liu*. Construction of CdS/Ag2S-based broad-spectrumphotoelectrochemical immunosensor for simultaneous assessment ofochratoxins by multivariable linear regression. Sensors and Actuators B, 2018, 267: 216-223.

(5)    Ruijie Lin, Tongxi Lin, Junying Huang, Xiaohui Huang, Yingju Liu*. Hierarchical cobalt sulfide with vertical in-plane edge structure forenhanced electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction. ElectrochimicaActa, 2018, 281: 348-356.

(6)    AoriQileng, YueCai, Jie Wei, Hongtao Lei, Weipeng Liu, Shengsen Zhang*, Yingju Liu*. Construction of CdS/B-TiO2nanorodsphotoelectrochemicalimmunosensor for the detection of microcystin-LR usingSiO2@G-quadruplex as multi-amplifier. Sensors and Actuators B, 2018, 254: 727-735.

(7)    Haoliang Huang, Junying Huang, Weipeng Liu, Yueping Fang*, Yingju Liu*. Ultradispersed and single-layered MoS2 nanoflakes strongly coupling with graphene: an optimized structure with high kinetics for the hydrogen evolution reaction. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9: 39380-39390.

(8)    Yaqiong Zhang, Lanteng Wang, Xing Shen, Xiaoqun Wei, Xinan Huang*, Yingju Liu*, Xiulan Sun, Zhanhui Wang, Yuanming Sun, ZhenlinXu, Sergei A. Eremin, and Hongtao Lei*. Broad-specificity immunoassay for simultaneous detection of Ochratoxins A, B, and C in Millet and Maize. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2017, 65: 4830–4838

(9)    Jiahong Chen, Lanteng Wang, Lanlan Lu, Xing Shen, Xin-an Huang*, Yingju Liu, Xiulan Sun, Zhanhui Wang, Sergei AlexandrovichEremin, Yuanming Sun, ZhenlinXu, and Hongtao Lei*. Four specific haptenconformations dominating antibody specificity: quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis for quinolone Immunoassay. Analytical Chemistry, 2017, 89: 6740-6748.

(10)CuifenGan, Bingfeng Wang, Junying Huang, AoriQileng, Zuyu He, Hongtao Lei, Weipeng Liu*, Yingju Liu*. Multiple amplified enzyme-free electrochemical immunosensor based on G-Quadruplex/Hemin functionalized mesoporous silica with redox-active intercalators for microcystin-LR detection. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2017, 98, 126-133.

(11)Haoliang Huang, Weihao Huang, Zhuohong Yang, Junying Huang, Jiadong Lin, Weipeng Liu*, Yingju Liu*. Strongly coupled MoS2nanoflake-carbon nanotube nanocomposite as an excellent electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5, 1558-1566 (Hot paper).

(12)Jie Wei, AoriQileng, Yun Yan, Hongtao Lei, Shengsen Zhang, Weipeng Liu, Yingju Liu*. A novel visible-light driven photoelectrochemical immunosensor based on multi-amplification strategy for ultrasensitive detection of microcystin-LR. AnalyticalChimicaActa, 2017, 994: 82-91.

(13)Xiaohua Huang, Lijia Wang, Xiaojun Zhang, Xuehua Yin, Na Bin, FenfenZhong, Yingju Liu*, QingyunCai*. Dye-assembled nanocomposites for rapid upconversionluminescencesensing of Cu2+. Sensors & Actuators. B: Chemical, 2017, 248: 1-8.

(14)Yongzhao Su, Siyuan Yang, Weipeng Liu, Long Qiao, Jie Yan, Yingju Liu*, Shengsen Zhang*,Yueping Fang. Visible light photoelectrochemicalsulfide sensor based the use of TiO2 nanotube arrays loaded with Cu2O. MicrochimicaActa, 2017, 184: 4065-4072.

(15)Zuyu He, Jie Wei, CuifenGan, Weipeng Liu*,Yingju Liu*. A rolling circle amplification signal-enhanced immunosensor for ultrasensitive microcystin-LR detection based on a magnetic graphene functionalized electrode. RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 39906-39913.

(16)Shili Liu, AoriQileng, Junying Huang, QiongzhiGao*, Yingju Liu*. Polydopamine as a bridge to decoratemonodisperse gold nanoparticles on Fe3O4nanoclusters for the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol. RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 45545–45551

(17)Haoliang Huang, Liqin Chen,Chuanhe Liu, Xinshun Liu, Senxuan Fang, Weipeng Liu,Yingju Liu*. Hierarchically nanostructured MoS2 with rich in-plane edges as a high-performance electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016, 4, 14577–14585(front cover)

(18)CuifenGan, Li Ling, Zuyu He, Hongtao Lei, Yingju Liu*. In-situ assembly of biocompatible core-shell hierarchical nanostructures sensitized immunosensor for microcystin-LR detection. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2016, 78: 381-389.

(19)CuifenGan, Zihong Sun, Li Ling, Zuyu He, Hongtao Lei, Yingju Liu*. Construction of portable electrochemical immunosensors based on graphenehydrogel@polydopamine for microcystin-LR detection using multi-mesoporous carbon sphereenzyme labels. RSC Advances 2016, 6, 51662-51669.

(20)Zuyu He, ShuaiZang, Yingju Liu*, Yuan He, Hongtao Lei. A multi-walled carbon nanotubes-poly(L-lysine) modified enantioselective immunosensor for ofloxacin by using multi-enzyme-labeled gold nanoflower as signal enhancer. Biosensors Bioelectronics, 2015, 73: 85-92.

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(24)Zihong Sun, ZhigangLuo, CuifenGan, ShidongFei, Yingju Liu*, Hongtao Lei. Electrochemical immunosensor based on hydrophilic polydopamine-coated prussian blue-mesoporous carbon for the rapid screening of 3-bromobiphenyl. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2014, 59: 99-105.

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(37)Mouhong  Lin, Yingju Liu*, Zihong Sun, Shenglai Zhang, Zhuohong Yang, Chunlin Ni*. Electrochemical immunoassay of benzo[a]pyrene based on dual amplification strategy of electron-accelerated Fe3O4/polyaniline platform and multi-enzyme-functionalized carbon sphere label. AnalyticaChimicaActa, 2012, 722: 100-109.

(38)Mouhong Lin, Yingju Liu*,Chuanhe Liu, Zhuohong Yang, Yibin Huang. Sensitive immunosensor for benzo[a]pyrene detection based on dual amplification strategy of PAMAM dendrimer and amino-modified methylene blue/SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2011, 26(9): 3761-3767.

(39)Chunping Wang, Mouhong Lin, Yingju Liu*,Hongtao Lei. A dendritic nanosilica-functionalized electrochemical immunosensor with the sensitive enhancement for rapid screening of benzo[a]pyrene. ElectrochimicaActa, 2011, 56:1988-1994.

(1) 基于功能化二硫化钼构筑比率型免疫传感器对赭曲霉毒素广谱性识别的研究(国家自然科学基金,2019-2022),主持

(2) 基于仿生磁性石墨烯构筑球形DNA扩增的免疫传感器检测微囊藻毒素的研究(国家自然科学基金,2015-2018),主持。

(3) 广东省特支计划科技创新青年拔尖人才项目(2017-2020),主持。

(4) 基于多功能的快速检测仪器平台的研制(广东省科技计划项目, 2017-2019),主持。

(5) 新型仿生磁性纳米材料构筑的生物传感器及其对微囊藻毒素检测的应用(广东省高层次人才项目, 2014-2016),主持。

(6) 水中环境激素超痕量检测的便携式免疫传感器的研制(广东省科技计划项目, 2014-2016),主持

(7)基于生物质碳基纳米材料构筑“双树枝状放大效应”的POPs免疫传感研究 (国家自然科学基金,2012-20147),主持。

(8)水源水中持久性环境有机污染(POPs)快速检测研究 (深圳市水质检测中心,2013- 2015),主持。

(9) 研制聚合物基纳米生物传感器用于有机酚类对DNA的损伤研究 (广东省教育厅青年人才培育项目,2009-2010),主持。

(1)    2006.10入选广东省教育厅“千百十”人才工程校级培养对象,2012.10入选广东省教育厅“千百十”人才工程省级培养对象,2017.3入选广东省特支计划科技创新青年拔尖人才。

(2)    2008.4,华南农业大学青年教师教学竞赛三等奖,2012.4,华南农业大学青年教师教学竞赛二等奖;2014.9,华南农业大学教学十佳;2017.11,华南农业大学教学优秀奖。

(3)    2011.5,广东省大学生挑战杯一等奖;2013.5,广东省大学生挑战杯一等奖;2012.3,华南地区“白云杯”材料创新大赛三等奖;2012.5,广东省生化技能大赛三等奖;2013.8,广东省化学实验技能大赛三等奖;2015.5,广东省大学生挑战杯特等奖;2015.11,全国大学生挑战杯三等奖;2017.6,广东省大学生挑战杯一等奖;2017.11,全国大学生挑战杯三等奖;

(4) 2011年至今,指导的研究生均获得校级优秀硕士论文;2013.5,指导的研究生林谋宏获得国家留学基金委资助公派留学;2016.5,指导的研究生黄浩量获得国家留学基金委资助公派留学;2014.3,林谋宏获得省级优秀硕士论文;2015年,华南农业大学“我最喜爱的导师”优秀教师。